You can predict matches till 1 second before a match starts.

If a match gets a new playing date or time your prediction will not be removed.

In case a match starts earlier than expected, the actual starting time counts as the closing time for the predictions. Predictions saved or adjusted after the starting time will not be eligible for points.

Match weeks are calculated from Tuesday till Monday, because a lot of leagues play matches on Monday and those matches are usually part of the matches from the whole weekend.

Points system

This points system is used by default in poules. However you can customize the points used in your poule in the settings of your poule. The system below is also used to calculate points in the ScoreZone rankings.

Total score correct10
Draw correct7
Winner correct5
Number of home goals correct1
Number of away goals correct1
  • The result of the game is the result after 90 minutes (including injury time). Goals scored during extra time are not counted.
  • If a match is suspended and continued or replayed on a later date the result of that game counts.
  • If a match is suspended and the game will not continue or replayed on a later date points will not be awarded for that game.
  • If a match has been played, but later gets an official result, the initial result will count.